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        Pvc foaming board production experts give you advice

        Release time:2019-01-10 viewed:2319

        In modern life, we can see a large number of board cards. Whether it is a high suspension card on the expressway or a brand played by major shopping malls, it is made up of a type of PVC bubble board. PVC bubble board is a combination of PVC. Therefore, it has some characteristics, such as: waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistance, anti-moth, light weight, thermal insulation, sound insulation, shock absorption and other characteristics, so people use these characteristics reasonably in daily life. For example, it is widely used in passenger cars, train carriages, Box bottom core layers, offices, residential and environmental protection plates, sports equipment and art materials.

          According to the production process, PVC foam board has high hardness, generally no scratches, widely used in cabinets, decorations and so on.

          Performance characteristics of PVC foaming board

          The surface of the density plate is smooth and flat, the material is fine, the performance is stable, the edge is firm, and the surface of the plate is decorative. However, the density plate has poor moisture resistance. In contrast, the grip strength of the density plate is worse than that of the particle plate. If the screw is loose after tightening, it is difficult to fix it because of the low strength of the density plate.

          Main advantages of density plate:

          1, the density plate deformation is small, warping is small.

          2, density plate has a high bending strength and impact strength.

          3, density plate is easy to be painted. All kinds of coatings and paints can be evenly painted on the density plate and are the preferred substrate for paint effects.

          4, density plate is a beautiful decorative plate.

          5, density plate various wooden skin, adhesive paper film, decoration panel, light metal thin plate and other materials can be glued to the surface of the density plate.

          6, the hard density plate is punched, drilled, can also be made into sound-absorbing board, applied to the architectural decoration engineering.

          The physical properties are excellent, the material is uniform, and there is no dehydration problem. The performance of the medium-density plate is close to that of natural wood, but there is no defect of natural wood.

          Main disadvantages of density plates:

          1, density plate grip power is poor.

          2, the weight is relatively large, planing is difficult.

          3, the biggest disadvantage of density plate is not moisture-proof, see water is swollen. In the use of density kick board, door cover board, windowsill should pay attention to the six sides of paint, so that no deformation.

          Although the moisture resistance of the density plate is poor, if the screw is tightened, it is not easy to fix it again. However, the surface of the density plate is smooth and flat, the material is fine, the performance is stable, the edge is firm, and it is easy to shape. It avoids problems such as decay and insects. In terms of bending strength and impact strength, it is superior to the planer plate, and the surface of the plate is decorative. Excellent, The appearance of the solid wood furniture is even better.

          Main purpose

          It is mainly used for strengthening wooden floors, door panels, partitions, furniture, etc.. Density plates are mainly used for surface treatment of oil-mixing processes in home decoration; In general, furniture is made of medium density plates, because the density of high density plates is too high and it is easy to crack, so there is no way to make furniture. Generally, high-density panels are used for interior and exterior decoration, office and civilian furniture, audio, and vehicle interior decoration. They can also be used as anti-static floors, wall panels, anti-theft doors, wall panels, and partitions in computer rooms. material. It is also a good material for packaging. In recent years, it has been used as a base material to make reinforced wood floors.

          To sum up, PVC foaming boards are widely used in life, and we can see them anytime, anywhere. Whether it's outdoor buildings, indoor spaces, offshore crops, etc., we all know that these objects are loaded with PVC foam boards.


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