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        PVC foaming board construction industry!

        Release time:2018-05-21 viewed:1167

          PVC foaming boards are widely used in modern industries. Their main components are composed of polyvinyl chloride, which has good results in terms of heat resistance, toughness, and elongation. Although the main component of PVC is polyvinyl chloride, other components have also been added. Take their top layer, which is composed of paint. And it is the second most used in the world. It is very popular with modern companies and is widely used in all aspects of the market.

          The essence of PVC is a vacuum plastic film for the surface packaging of various panels. Therefore, it is also known as decorative film and adhesive film, and is applied to many industries such as building materials, packaging, and medicine. Among them, the building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, 60 %, followed by the packaging industry, and there are several other small-scale applications.

          1, the processing of pipe material: After the length of the pipe material is determined, the saw can be manually cut or circular saw blade, saw machine cut saw. Both ends of the incision should be kept flat, with butterfly to remove the edge of hair and inverted angle, inverted angle should not be too large.

          2, the adhesion of pipe pipe parts: must be tested before bonding, cleaning the tube end of the insert pipe about 50mm in length and the pipe parts to undertake the inner wall of the mouth, and then scrub once with a cotton yarn coated with acetone. Then apply a layer of adhesive evenly with a brush on both surfaces, without leakage. Tubi rotates to the ideal combination angle, inserts the pipe material into the socket of the pipe part, strikes it with a mallet, so that the pipe material is fully inserted into the socket, and can not be opened or changed direction within two minutes, and the extruded adhesive at the joint is rubbed in time. To keep the pipe clean.

          A. The riser is fitted with one extension on each floor to compensate for the heat expansion and cooling of the backflow tube.

          B. When installing the three-way connection, pay attention to the direction of the water, so as to facilitate the natural formation of a slope C during the installation of the cross-pipe. If the vertical pipe is within 3M in height, consider setting a tube hoop. Horizontal tubes are one every 0.6 M fashion hanging card.

          D. When the line distance between the horizontal pipe and the drain pipe is greater than that specified in Table 4, a check or cleaning port shall be set up.

          To sum up, we need to better understand the habits and characteristics of PVC foaming board application. In pipe processing, pipe paste, and pipeline changes, we need to understand the foaming board every feature, so that it can be better used in the market and customers.


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