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        ABS two-color board is widely used in advertising industry

        Release time:2018-05-21 viewed:1084

          The widespread use of ABS double color plates is not only a change of the times, but also a demand of the times. In recent years, ABS double color plates have been widely used in the construction industry, and because of their impact resistance, heat resistance and low temperature resistance, It has an unspeakable role in decoration, exhibition display and advertising production.

          Despite the fierce competition in the modern market, there are still many producers and we will find more manufacturers in the future.

          Today, when you go to all corners of society, you will see advertising related products such as LED advertising lights, Acrylic crystal characters, bicolor panels, etc.. The bicolor board is an emerging trend in the advertising industry. The two-color board quickly took a seat in the market.

          The two-color plate is a new type of advertising or decoration material produced by using ABS as the base material, which is dried through screen scraping, polymetallic solidification, and laser engraving. Due to its impact resistance and heat resistance, as well as its easy to process and the stability of the finished product size, the two-color plate has been widely used in advertising / logo production, architectural decoration and other industries in recent years. So, what advantages does the two-color plate laser engraving machine have to help the steady development of the industry?

          It is well known that laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines and other series of laser equipment are a new, high-tech, advanced and automated processing method that has become extremely popular in recent years, and have been particularly favored by various processing industries. Especially advertising industry, clothing industry, electronics industry and so on. The two-color plate is a popular engraving version, so the collision between the laser engraving machine and the two-color plate naturally becomes an inevitable trend of development.

          The simple and convenient operation of ABS double color plate has become the main advantage of the market, and its easy to process and cut methods are also loved by customers. The simple and fast operation of the double color plate has become its main advantage in the market. Compared with traditional manual operation, in a technologically advanced society, only the development of science and technology can produce products that meet the needs of the market. The wide application of the double color board has greatly changed the market demand.


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