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        Double-color board manufacturers introduce you to the common sense of double-color board

        Release time:2018-06-11 viewed:1120

        The double color plate is a material that is widely used in industry and life. It is an extension of the engineering plastics(ABS) substrate. In addition to the ABS "shock resistance, heat resistance, and low temperature resistance" and other excellent characteristics, the biggest feature of the two-color board is that it has been combined with more colorful colors and metal texture during the production process. In order to help everyone better understand the two-color board, Hefei double-color board manufacturers came to introduce the common sense about the two-color board in detail, hoping to help everyone:

          Double-color board manufacturers introduce you to the common sense of double-color board

          Two-color board specifications

          In the process of double color plate production, the thickness of ABS base materials is generally 0.8 mm, 1.3 mm and 3mm. Base ABS or ABS mixture. The standard size of the two-color plate is 600 × 1200mm.

          Two-color board classification

          1, by type, the double color plate can be divided into: indoor type and household appearance(anti-ultraviolet).

          2, according to the purpose, the double color plate can be divided into: ordinary double color board, laser double color board, outdoor double color board.

          3, according to the material distribution, the double color plate can be divided into: color board(ie: ordinary double color board), transparent color board(ie, the front is bright and transparent, the back is colored. Also known as "back carving board" or "anti-carving board"), wood surface double-color board, laser double-color board, hemp surface double-color board, metal mirror double-color board and metal wire surface double-color board.

          The above is the Hefei double color board manufacturers for the detailed introduction of the specifications and classification of the two color board common sense, the application of the double color board is extremely extensive. Such as: architectural decoration industry, advertising production industry, exhibition services industry, construction model manufacturing industry, signage, logo production industry, guidance system production application industry. In fact, no matter where you are, there are traces and traces of double color plates. Therefore, for us, it is necessary to know some common knowledge about the double color board.


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